French Macaroons:
The Macaron Store
Do not worry.  They both mean essentially the same thing.  

People have been using the two terms loosely as synonyms for quite some time.  Unfortunately, macaroon by itself often refers to a small coconut cookie that many people enjoy.
Flavors of French Macaroons
Around for quite some time, macarons as we know them have developed to include hundreds of flavors worldwide.  What started off as simply an almond flavored cookie can now be found in a huge variety of flavors such as Mint, Cheesecake, Margarita, Lima, Green Tea, and many more!  What are your favorite flavors?  

Ordering French Macaroons
The virtually impossible is now possible.  The recent creation of online stores, such as the Macaron Store, have made it able for everyday customers to have perfect French Macaroons delivered to their doorstep over night!